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Grated Collective

Updated: Apr 1, 2019

Grated is a Vancouver based lifestyle brand specializing in multimedia content, lifestyle items and music. We create visual content, design gear, express our love for music through the artists we work with, the events we organize and the sound we curate and share. As a company, we are deeply inspired by our city, its people and the lifestyle it offers. We want to reflect this love for the community through everything we do.

October 2016, Grated launched its very first item, the original Grated hoodie. The idea behind the original Grated hoodie was to create an item that was comfortable and usable in any scenario, while also having elements that make it stand out. Our vision for Grated apparel stemmed from the idea behind the original hoodie; to create pieces that we would wear on a daily basis. This desire pushes us to pay meticulous attention to each and every piece’s quality and functionality, while also making sure each item contains design elements that stand out, much like the original hoodie. In October of 2018, with the release of the tactical flashlight, Grated expanded its scope from creating apparel to life items. With the same principles of quality and functionality, Grated is dedicated to creating very unique and practical life items, whether it is a cozy hoodie or an aluminum flashlight.

Music is what brought our team together. After attending our first music festival in 2015 (RIP Pemberton), we realized how music can bring such diverse people together and fascinated by how it was created. All this, combined with our history of throwing house parties is what launched us into the music industry. On Halloween 2016, we had our debut event “Trick or Trvp” sell out. Seeing people come together and enjoy the show we curated and planned was something beyond words. Since then, our commitment to the Grated community has only grown bigger. We’ve been able to work with our good friend Vanic on his last 3 tours, we are proud to have added Cozway and SRFR to our Grated family. In addition we are beyond excited to announce the start of Grated Music. Follow us on Spotify @gratedmusic, plug in and enjoy the tunes.

As first generation Canadians, we are heavily influenced by our parents to go to school and follow the path of others, but just like our parents, we want to exceed what is expected. This combined with our passion for creativity is what set’s Grated apart from others. Our team consists of young creatives with a fresh perspective and burning passion to change the local scene and make way for a new wave.

Stay Grated, Stay Grateful.